Version 1.2 released.

Sunday, 13. May 2012 - Jan Volf

It was quite while since last post. Version 1.2 of framework released. The major features of this version is the AJAX support and caching of the views. There were also some minor optimizations and a few fixes. Enjoy.

Future of Pexeso.

Wednesday, 31. August 2011 - Jan Volf

To get some of your attention I decided to announce my plans for this project for near future. Here we go:

  • The first of all is caching of views as my test proved that it would greatly help the performance. Hand in hand probably comes some minor improvements. It is planned for release 1.1.
  • The next major (but necessary) step that I plan for release 1.2 or 1.3 would be AJAX implementation that would definitely improve end-user's experience as the whole page refresh on each user interaction is little bit annoying.
  • And the greatest challenge at last is integration of JavaScript effect library to produce more appealing web application. The effect setup should be done directly in PXML component definition using XML.

I've also decided to use this news page only for important posts. All other information, like minor releases can be found at project's news page.

Version 1.0.0b2 released.

Saturday, 27. August 2011 - Jan Volf

I fixed a minor bug with menu component observed in some browsers. Any suggestions are welcome, just klick Tickets in Links sections.

Version 1.0.0b1 released.

Friday, 26. August 2011 - Jan Volf

The project moved to beta stage as I want to stabilize the framework rather then implement new features. I also made the PEAR package available for download and finaly the API doc has been generated. Check out the Links section in navigation.

Framework documentation updated.

Saturday, 20. August 2011 - Jan Volf

The last months I've spent doing important modifications to the framework because when I tried to use it I realized that some parts are too difficult or too complicated to use. Last days I've spent updating the documentation accordingly to changes I've had made and adding missing documentation. I'm starting to be quite satisfied with the state of it now and I'm expecting that the first release of the framework will happen soon.

The Pexeso Project Web introduced.

Friday, 4. March 2011 - Jan Volf

Finaly I published pages introducing the pexeso framework although the framework is still not finished. First I only wanted to create pages for testing the components but then I decided to combine the the the idea of testing components with component showcase. The pages are all written naturally in pexeso framework and serves also as testing suite. More is about to come soon, stay tuned.