Pexeso is PHP written framework for creating web application addressing view and controller part of MVC (Model-View-Controller) scheme.

It simplifies the web application development to level similar for development of desktop application. Developer role is then mainly to design user interface using XML format, implement event handlers for interactive components of user interface and bind properties to user interface. Advanced developer may also create it's own components


  • component based - the user interface is composed of the components that are actually instances of the display object classes, it is definitely not templating system, although custom component can provide this functionality
  • event driven - most of the glue code the developer is writing is triggered by the events dispatched on the components
  • XML defined components - the components of the user interface can be defined using XML that actually captures serialized form of the object/component structure in it's default state
  • inline binding and event expression - in the XML component definition is possible to use PHP expression to bind a value to object property or to be evaluated on event it is bound to
  • data agnostic - the framework does not imply use of any data model, and it is on developer to choose the one that suits his/her needs

When to use pexeso?

This framework is intended preferably for development of web application rather than web presentation as the framework design and structure is oriented this way. On the other hand this presentation was done using this framework. Still if you want to create just web presentation you should probably look somewhere else.

Why another framework?

For quite a while I was developing an enterprise application in Adobe Flex framework when I just got used to the way of designing application in the MXML. Then I realized the it would be really nice and may be not so difficult to develop such a framework in PHP. Although the PHP is not my favorite language it was a nautral choice as it is possible to evaluate a string PHP expression, which is quite essential for this framework and after all I'm well experienced in PHP development from previous projects. Finaly it provides another approach to building of the web applications than other PHP frameworks found on internet and I hope that there are developers that may find it more suitable for their style of development or their way of thinking.